2021 International Jazz Day

2021 International Jazz Day

Apr 22, 2021
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Celebrate International Jazz Day virtually with us in 2021! We have several talented local jazz performances below to watch and enjoy. 



Real Folk - A virtual Folk Music Tribute Concert

Real Folk - A virtual Folk Music Tribute Concert

Jul 14, 2020
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Real Folk is a project conceived by the Glenwood Springs Art Council to celebrate folk music and some of the local artists who play it. Nine songs from early traditional to modern are played and sung by musicians who feature this style of music in their repertoire. You can find this concert at  or the Glenwood Springs Arts Council Page on Facebook. We hope you enjoy!

Created by the Glenwood Springs Art Council

Project Coordinator- Thomas Cochran

Featuring: Feeding Giants, Oran Mor, Tom Evans and Joey Ball, and Barry Andersen.



International Jazz Day 2020

International Jazz Day 2020

May 3, 2020
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International Jazz Day is celebrated all over the world on April 30 with live public events. In 2020 the risk of exposure to COVID-19 has changed all that. Undaunted by this turn of events jazz lovers and jazz musicians will celebrate mainly online.

It will be no different for the Glenwood Springs Arts Council, an organization dedicated to providing and supporting the Arts in our area. Although we will not be presenting a public performance for International Jazz Day we have an exciting lineup of local jazz musicians! On our webpage and Facebook page you will find links to these fabulous performers. Look for other forms of art including dance and visual arts, too. In addition to what we’re offering locally, go to the official website Check out the resources there for celebrating the day.

After April 30, we may all need to refrain from large gatherings as we cautiously move toward more “normal” lives.


About the Artists...

Rodrigo Arreguin

Classical guitarist and professional musician from Mexico. He's being playing live music for over 14 years and his repertoire goes through different styles of music.

His goal on every performance is to make people feel comfortable, happy and to give everyone a great experience with music.

Facebook: Rodrigo Arreguin Music


Mountain Funk All Stars


The Mountain Funk All Stars formed to create a music video to celebrate International Jazz Day, April 30, 2020. The band consists of musicians across western Colorado. The band has never played this song together, not even rehearsed it once as a band. It was recorded remotely by each band member independently and all brought together with technology to become this video.

This song is dedicated to all the essential personnel worldwide who are working tirelessly to help us overcome the challenges we all face during the global corona virus pandemic. When we work together we can conquer all challenges. And when soon the day comes that this all comes to a well-earned and long-awaited end we'll all say, "Good Riddance". Hopefully then the Mountain Funk All Stars will be able to play it together live somewhere for the first time.

One world, all grateful.

 www.johnriger.comJohn Paul Riger/YouTube 

Roaring Fork High School Jazz Ensemble

Stream or purchase their tracks on Bandcamp

Jazz Paintings by Dean Bowlby

From Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz performance.