Upcoming Gallery Showing - "Empowerment"

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Posted Feb 23, 2022

I have been asked a couple of times, ”Why should I  become a member of the Glenwood Springs Arts Council?”  I answered with the typical,” To help present more art to the community and more events.” After a little bit more thought, I realized that this very important question can best be answered with our mission statement which is : To create viability, support, and opportunity for the arts in our community. So, if you are interested in supporting music, visual arts, and all other forms of art in our community, this is a really good reason to become a member because this is exactly what we do. 

We have a fantastic arts scholarship program for kids through the age of 18. We decided on an arts scholarship program because there are young people in our community who benefit mentally and emotionally from expression in the visual and the performing arts. Fostering this involvement in the arts helps form a healthy foundation for our community’s future. 

Art enriches a community. Art brings people together. Art sustains our humanity. These three statements are true and the Arts Council must rely on membership, grants, and sponsorships from local community businesses to carry out our shared mission. This is also true.  

If you are already a member, thank you so much. If not, I encourage you to, please, become one. It takes a very small amount to become a vital part of this important mission. Please go to our website: www.glenwoodarts.org and you will find all the information that you need to become a member.

I would like to thank all our volunteers for making our events and Gallery a success this past year. If you would like to volunteer, go to our website and leave us a note as to what you would like to volunteer to do. Whether it would be to work an event or to sit at the Gallery for two hours on either Friday or Saturday, your participation is valuable.

Coming up on Saturday, March 5, 2022, we are partnering with Advocate Safehouse in their presentation of Lunafest, an exciting opportunity to see films created by women. The Arts Council will present a 10 x 10 exhibit entitled, ”Empowerment” in conjunction with this event. Though, Lunafest will be presented both in Glenwood Springs and Rifle, “Enpowerment” will only be presented in Glenwood. Please go to Advocatesafehouseproject.org for more information and to purchase tickets.

Since the presentation of “Empowerment” will be at the Glenwood Springs location only, after Lunafest,  the 10 by 10’s will be moved across the street to 216 6th Street to the Glenwood Springs Arts Council Gallery. All of the 10 x 10 canvases will be available for purchase! These funds will go partially to Advocate Safehouse and partially to the Glenwood Springs Arts Council. The artists, some professional and some emerging, have created some very stunning works of art and have donated them to us so that we can expand our efforts in the community. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we appreciate your support. 

This is a big birthday year for the Arts Council. We have been in continuous operation for 40 years and have a big member party planned for May of this year! Stay tuned for more information.

Sincerely and gratefully,



Laurie Chase, President
Glenwood Springs Arts Council