Minutes from 10/25/17 Member & Supporter Meeting

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Refresh. Reboot. Reroot.

The Glenwood Springs Arts Council wants to move into the future, and we want you to move with us. We want to “hit the refresh button” on this organization. To reboot our programs, our events, and our exhibits. To reroot our presence in the community and the Roaring Fork Valley.

Here’s a summary of the discussion had at our last Membership and Supporter meeting.

Membership Meeting 10/25/2017

1.     Judy O’Donnell called meeting to order 7:10PM

2.     Brie Carmer gave a financial update.

a.     Currently in Operating Account

b.     Approx. Operating Acct. balance after October and Move Out Expenses

c.     Income generated by Asset and Costumes Sales

d.     Debt still owed – $32,391.92

i.         Sheila asked clarifying question about what was in the account vs. what we owe

ii.         Taxes

iii.        Dumpsters (move out expense)

3.     Christina Brusig update: at this time, we still don’t know anything (news release has appeared since).

4.     We have board positions available. We might bring the number of Board of Directors members down from nine to five.

5.     Piano: someone offered $15,000 for the piano today, which would cover nearly half our debts. While it is difficult for us to part with such a lovely and beautiful part of our history, if the person interested decides to buy the piano, we will sell it.

6.     Marley Flooring:

a.     Maurine talked about the importance and mechanics of a Marley Floor. It’s multi use for modern, ballet, barefoot, pointe, etc. It came from the Wheeler Opera House. We’ve had it a good 26 years. Replacement value would be in the thousands of dollars. It’s transportable, and can be rolled out on top of other floors. Maurine is wondering if someone could store it. She’s talked to our lighting designer Matt, and he expressed a willingness to store the Marley floor. We wouldn’t get much for it if we tried to sell it, but the replacement cost is high.

b.     Sheila suggests we use it as an asset, and rent it out.

7.     While the City is uninterested in purchasing the sprung floor in the Center, we know that they plan on hosting dance classes in the Center, and it would be unsafe for them to not have the floor. We plan to donate it to the City, as we don’t want dancers taking classes without it.

8.     Options moving forward:

  • Do nothing, file for bankruptcy
  • lay low and fundraise
  • hold classes/events/exhibits around town, etc.

9.     Brie will stay on as on independent contractor, and on an “as needed” basis.

10.  Sheila: Treadz donated dance shoes, and Sheila will look into finding people or places that will pay for the shoes to chip away at the debt. She brought up that the Liston family bought all the remaining of costumes, and if anyone buys the costumes from her, she will give the money back to the Center. She also brought up the idea of matching funds. Suggested smaller donations from previous members to get a small 35th year commemorative membership. So more people can notice in a very positive way. Sheila thinks we got too dependent on public money. She believes that the Center should focus on fundraising, and continue as an organization in a smaller capacity more like it was when it was simply the Arts Council, and not the Center.

11.  Pam: What happens if the Center dissolves? She suggested we get a new loan to pay off all our debts. We answered that it isn’t currently a viable option. She suggested we stop asking for donations, and instead research things that might make us money. “Let’s start all over again, brand new name, etc.” Just because we don’t have a particular place, doesn’t mean we don’t have art in our town. Suggested the old CMC space on the corner, but the listing agent said it was too dangerous for use. Empty shop spaces, schools, churches, outside, snow carving festival, anything we can do that is outside, a costume show… She offered a number of ideas for community presence and raising money. She is willing to volunteer to meet with different programs around the valley, and find people to work together to create a programing committee. She suggests upping our Facebook presence.

12.  Veronica: Huge need in all the schools for after school art classes taught by volunteer parents. Funding is so down that they can’t afford to have an after school program, especially on Wednesdays when school gets out early. At her AmeriCorp class she learned nonprofits need to be broken into committees, and she suggests we see who’s willing to be involved in each committee. Member showing: bring your artwork, appetizer, and $5. The Center doesn’t have to end when the building is gone.

13.  Bonnie: Committees of people to work on certain things. Suggesting program/event, fundraising, membership, and maybe some other committees. There are programs that don’t need a teacher. A show once a month that has wine and h’orderves. What are other arts organizations in the Valley, and who do they serve? This will need to be reorganized to fit unmet needs. Right now we need active people working on saving the organization, 50 people.

14.  Maureen asks what about the City? What are they planning on doing? We quoted that they may have classes. Our place is to fill in whatever holes and compliment classes the Art Community has, not to directly compete with them.

15.  Email out to membership, pass along great ideas to motivate people to come and get involved. Email your ideas to brie@glenwoodarts.org

16.  Ron suggests that tonight we set up two or three committees that we will then email out to the membership to generate interest. Says once we get traction people will see us as a new organization. A year from now what art needs will the community have? A newsletter needs to regularly be sent out to the membership.

17.  Board members: handed out application papers for those present to fill out.

18.  Ideas: Create programing, fundraising and event committees.

19.  Committees meet Thursday November 16, 2017 at 7:00PM at the Glenwood Springs Library, upstairs.

20.  Meeting adjourned 8:41PM

We are continually seeking new ideas and suggestions as to how we can offer Arts and Arts Experiences to our community. If you’d like to join a committee mentioned here  – fundraising, programming, membership – or if you have a committee you’d like to form, email brie@glenwoodarts.org

If you’re interested in being a board member, please click here for an application. Please return to Brie by December 1st.

Judy O’Donnell, Acting Board President
Brie Carmer, Executive Director

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