Judy Davis

Nurture your inner potter with a Wheel Throwing or Hand Building class. Sling some mud around and learn to throw a pot, not a tantrum, with this easy-going teacher. This teacher will really get your wheels spinning. She puts a spin on everything and gets a glazed look on her face at the mention of fire. With her talented hands fresh from a mud treatment, she’s always ready to roll (clay that is). She is constantly adding new masterpieces to her display in the gallery and tourists carry her pottery to points unknown across the globe. If you want to nurture your inner potter, Judy Davis is the instructor to consult. Judy has been teaching for us for 15 years and kids and adults alike love her clay classes. She gets “All Fired Up” and shows kids how to throw pots and glaze them beautifully. She is patient, quiet, and a joy to be around. And she can bring out the “Clay Dog” in anyone! It’s never too late to take a class in pottery. She is a great addition to the talented staff at the Center for the Arts. She is an awesome potter in her own right and teaches all ages and all levels of proficiency. You will learn easily from her straightforward style.