Art Scene – April 7

A Celebration of the Spirit.

Next Friday, April 14, something wonderful will take place here. We want to invite you to the opening of the Center for the Arts current exhibit Old Glenwood. International artists (and faculty members) Noemi and Kristoff Kosmowski studied the history of our town researching historic documents and photos and then created over 50 paintings of the early days of Glenwood. The results are astonishing. These sepia-toned masterpieces will be on exhibit/sale at the Center beginning April 14th with the Artists Reception from 6:00 – 7:30 and will run through April 28th. We are extremely proud of all of our exhibits and Old Glenwood is no exception. The work honors our rich history and is a fitting tribute to the courage, ingenuity, artistry and grit of everyone who created our city. And if that is not enough, in the proximity of the Doc Holiday painting, you will see the ‘Doc Holiday’ derringer on loan from the Glenwood Springs Historical Society.

 Perception and Identifying Your Audience

 “Beautiful little town, Glenwood.” “Beautiful little place, the Art Center.” Well, they’re half right. Beautiful – yes. Little – not even close. Ancient geology and breathtaking beauty brings them here but the people, industry and the arts make them stay.

We’ve always known this area is unique but when SMU’s National Center for the Arts named Glenwood Springs the No. 1 small city in the nation in their first-ever Arts Vibrancy Index, it is the kind of validation, based on hard numbers not campaigning or whim, that carries the weight of unbiased recognition. Suddenly, we lead search lists and are added to the short list of destination locations.

This brings me to our audience and yours. Anyone in the business of business can exhaust themselves with the world of marketing as you search for the right method to reach your audience. After trying “consumer oriented marketing, targeting, demand creation, relationship marketing, customer centric focus, key performance indicators” and every buzzword currently trending, I’m happy to make your life a little easier.

Every year, in this city of a little over 9,000 people, more than 17,000 attend the Art Center’s 12 gallery exhibits, Summer of Music, Culinary Wine and Brewfest and Dancers Dancing. Look at any of our audiences and you’ll see a cross section of this area at every event and they have at least one thing in common – they are all consumers. Call me to discuss a truly far-reaching and effective way to connect with your audience and be a part of the vital artistic heart of your community and you can start with the Summer of Music 2017!

 Dancing the Night Away

Tickets for our 25th Anniversary performance of Dancers Dancing – A Legacy are now on sale. Performance will be May 12th and 13th at the Jeannie Miller Theatre at Glenwood Springs High School. Presale price through April 30 are Adults $14 and Children $8, May 1 through opening night Adults $16 and Children $10. Visit or come by the Art Center. Don’t miss this special gala!

Be part of a wonderful thing….the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts – at the heart of it all.

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