Member Meeting 1/19/2018

Tammy Girardot,
Judy O’Donnell acting president,
Laurie Chase and Brie Carmer. Also 25 others were in attendance.

1. Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM

2. Minutes approved

3. Brie Carmer updated the bills still owed and Judy spoke about the selling of the piano to The Ute


4. Judy introduced Bonnie Kratovil and Lisa Girardot as possible new board members.

5. Judy called for nominations from the membership. Courtney Madden wanted her daughter to be a junior member of the board.

6. Ballots were presented to membership and voted on.

7. Judy talked about the struggles of the arts Council briefly.

8. Bonnie Kratovil spoke about the new City arts and culture commission and community out reach.

9. Goals and plan to pay down bills were discussed and the board And membership was given an accounting update. Also discussed was board training classes ,summer dance camps and the possibility of having more classes by fall.

10. Discussion about the February 9 pop up 6 x 6 sale and canvasses available to the membership to take home that evening.

11. Terri Muldoon offering a community paint day with canvases provided on January 27 at the two Rivers community school.

12. More discussion on classes being offered by both the city and possibly the arts Council. Judy Davis, a pottery instructor said she would probably be signing on with the city.

13. Maurine Taufer Spoke about the history of the dance program and how she was looking for spaces for dance camps. Possibilities include Saint Stephen’s, The Vaudville and CMC.

14. Ballots were counted by Brie Carmer and all were approved. Bonnie Kratovil, Lisa Giradot, Judy O’Donnell, Tammy Girardot and Laurie Chase are the new board members.

14. John Goss from the Vaudville Theater encouraged people to work together.

15. The arts and culture commission meets the third Tuesday of every month.

16. Sam from CMC spoke about having classes at the Glenwood campus and also the possible use of the high school for art classes.

17. It was discussed about the importance of insurance and Lora Ogren suggested a $25 a year fee per student for insurance.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM and there was a meeting of the new board directly after


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