Art Scene – February 3

The Power of 6X6

The Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts presents our fourth annual 6 x 6 exhibition, and exhibit of sizable proportions. The annual exhibition and fundraising extravaganza opens next Friday, Feb 10, at 6:00 pm at the Glenwood Springs Center for the arts, 601 E. 6th St., Glenwood Springs Colorado.

Why 6 x 6? Because art and creativity have been proportionally executed on 6″ x 6″ canvases. 300 canvases have been distributed throughout the community, created on, and returned to us to help us with one of our most favorite fundraising exhibitions of the year. All pieces will be for sale at the Center for the arts for $20 each. The best part? This is a true community art exhibition. Everyone from children in art classes, to art center members, community members who attended one of our free painting events, employees through corporate painting experiences and emerging and professional artists have created 6 x 6 canvases to help raise money for the Art Centers educational scholarship fund. International artists have even submitted work, as we will be showing work from Glenwood Springs to Dublin and London, all in our quaint historical building. We have grown the exhibit from 100 canvases to 300 over the last four years.

A Small but Mighty Idea

Terry Muldoon the Centers gallery curator and director of visual arts was inspired by a similar exhibition in Denver in 2012. Other art centers around the country, including the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, have found a similar success in this community art model. Rochester will host a 1,000 piece exhibition this year! We aspire to grow to an event of that size in coming years as our track record allows us to grow by about 100 participants each year.

 The event day, Friday Feb 10 6:00 pm

When coming to the center for the opening, all attendees will receive a note card sticker keeper. Participants are encouraged to arrive early to view art, as the buying frenzy begins right at 6 pm. Participants will be asked to gather at the center of our gallery space. We will ring a bell and then it is “off to the races” with the participants. They may then rush to the 6×6 of their choice, removing the pieces inventory number and placing it on their notecard. Attendees may then check out at the front desk, and may purchase as many pieces as they have gathered stickers for. Pieces will not be pre-sold, and we advise coming to the opening on time to get the 6×6 you want. The exhibit will remain open for one month, and all unsold works will be available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. All 6×6 canvases will stay hanging for the life of the exhibit, and participants may come pick up their 6×6 after the exhibit closes. The unsold 6×6 canvases will remain on sale in our gift shop. Don’t miss this great opportunity to support the arts and be part of this positive community art movement.

At the Center

We are so pleased to be hosting Roaring Fork Leadership in our gallery space today as the class of 2017 learns the power of Emotional Intelligence with Heidi Brinkman. This is a program near and dear to my heart as I’m a 2012 Graduate of the Roaring Fork Leadership program and a current RFL ambassador. I continue to find success because of the principles mastered through this great program. I also give presentations about Emotional Intelligence to help individuals and businesses find success through this dynamic leadership philosophy. To learn more about Roaring fork leadership visit

To schedule an emotional intelligence presentation with me, email me at

“The ability to regulate our emotions and the emotions of others in regards to decision making gives us a well rounded approach to leadership and creates an environment where we can break barriers that normally confine our success”

Christina Brusig, on Emotional Intelligence at the GlenX Success Summit 2016.

A job well done

Congratulations to our competitive dance team who competed in Denver two weeks ago at the Hollywood Vibe Dance Competition. Not only did our team score well, but we had the opportunity to learn from some of the finest choreographers in the industry! Our team heads back over the mountain to the ShowBiz talent competition at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Extended Thanks

A sincere thank you to everyone who attended our 3rd Annual Appreciation Gala and Annual Meeting on Friday January 27th. We feel so lucky to work with you and look forward to continuing to provide opportunities to create and enjoy the arts together. Anyone interested in joining our new Art Center Ambassador program is invited to come learn more at our informational meeting Wednesday, Feb 15th at Noon at the Center for the Arts.

Christina Brusig is the Executive Director of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. You can reach her at

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