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The renovations of the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts is not complete. Like everything, it is an evolving process and our old building needs a great deal of care on a regular basis. The historical grant and additional monies raised completed the renovation of the historical part of the building. The final phase of historical renovation was completed in 2006. To date, there are only a few things needing to be updated:

* An improved lighting system
* A modernized sound system
* An oven for the kitchen

* A cooling system for the exhibits
* Landscaping for the backyard area

We have also compiled a wish list to meet the needs of our growing Arts Ceenter:

New Mac / Network / Database Storage (XServe Raid)
Solar Gallery Cooling/Heating System
State-of-the-Art Art Room
Storage Cabinets
Flat Filing Cabinets for storing art
Framing equipment
Floor Maintenance
Perpetual Scholarship Fund
Silversmithing Studio Equipment
Back Area Renovation w/ outdoor furniture for classes & events
Music/Movie Creation Station
Misc. Tools (Gallery Art Hanging/Light Construction)
Art Center SUV - for transporting art, performers, etc...
Security Camera System w/ Recording Capabilities (including parking lot)
Performance DVD Library w/ Flatscreen TV for kids to view
Merchandise/Inventory Scanning: Point-of-Sale System
New Front Doors

Can you help?

Our "Buy a Brick" campaign will help us to finish the back garden area in style while it memorializes our community members. We finished the renovation of our historical building for all intents and purposes. We still have several items on our list yet to finish. Taking care of a 120 year building is a constantly evolving challenge. It's a labor of love and one that deserves all the attention one can give. Please visit our building and see how far we've come in the last two years. Think of us when you plan to give to your favorite charity.